Yucel Faruk Sahan

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Hi there 👋

My name is Yücel Faruk Şahan, and I'm currently in İstanbul, Türkiye. 

I obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Dokuz Eylul University. I completed "DEGA" Program funded under the TUBITAK 1601 Capacity Development for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Grant Program.  This is important because I heard Steve Blank and Lean Startup for the first time in here!

I selected as Fellow for the “Case Campus” program run by the Endeavor Foundation. I also made significant contributions to promoting entrepreneurship as an Entrepreneurship Ambassador at the “International Entrepreneurship Center” of the Habitat Association.

I have failed a startup which was valued at $400,000 and received funding from Growth Circuit VC. During that time, I participated in the accelerator programs run by national and international institutions such as ITU Cekirdek, YFYI and Draper University. 

I like to talk about startups. My key areas of interest are lean startup methodology, MVPs, no-code tools, growth hacking, and hustling.

I am currently working at Girisim Fabrikası (FIT Startup Factory) which is a university-linked incubation. If you have a startup idea and don't know where to start visit us!!

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